The Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies

The Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies actively seeks to promote republican ideas and thinking and to develop a republican critique of the world. Republicanism embraces a broad range of principles and approaches, the most important of which are democracy, citizenship and internationalism; liberty, equality and fraternity; and self-determination and the common good.

Government by the people (democracy) in the shared interests of the people (the common good) is the core of the republican project. While the main contribution of the Ireland Institute and its publications The Republic and The Citizen is in the area of thought and intellectual work, this is not an end in itself: achieving the republic, achieving a better life for the community, is the ultimate purpose of these efforts.

OBJECTIVES: The Ireland Institute is primarily an active intellectual environment for the study, discussion and promotion of Irish republican thought through historical and cultural research.

The Ireland Institute is concerned with the idea of self-determination. The Institute believes that self-determination is a right to be exercised in accordance with the republican ideas of justice, liberty, equality, fraternity and democracy. These ideals have evolved from the thinking of Greek philosophers and have been shaped by the French Revolution, American Independence and our own Independence movement. The Institute’s work will foster self-belief and self-confidence in our nation.

The Ireland Institute is preparing programmes on history, language, media and culture. The methodology involves the organisation and promotion of lectures, research, debates, publications and archival collection. The Pearse family home on Pearse Street in the city of Dublin has been acquired and restored to serve as a headquarters. The Institute is committed to excellence, ethical research and an intellectual openness in its work.

The Ireland Institute hopes to be a positive influence in Irish life, providing an intellectual environment, independent of party politics, for informed discussion and analysis of issues which shape the future of our nation.

PATRONS: Elizabeth Butler Cullingford, Seamus Deane, Brian Friel,
Fred Jameson, Richard Kearney, Thomas Keneally, Declan Kiberd,
Terence McCaughey, T.J. Maher, Edna O’Brien,
Pádraig Ó Snodaigh.