Issue 2, Spring/Summer 2001

The Common Good



Freedom as Citizenship: The Republican Tradition in Political Theory

Iseult Honohan

Republicanism and Separatism in the Seventeenth Century

Tomás Ó Fiaich

Theobald Wolfe Tone: An Eighteenth-Century Republican and Separatist

Thomas Bartlett

The Culture and History of French Republicanism: Terror or Utopia?

James Livesey

‘Ireland Her Own’: Radical Movements in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Priscilla Metscher

The English Republic

Dorothy Thompson

From Deference to Citizenship: Irish Republicanism 1870–1923

Patrick Maume

Change and Continuity: Republican Thought Since 1922

Brian Hanley

‘The Red-Crested Bird and Black Duck’—a Story of 1802: Historical Materialism, Indigenous People, and the Failed Republic

Peter Linebaugh

Civic-Republican Citizenship and Voluntary Action

Fergus O’Ferrall


Republicanism and Nationalism: An Imagined Conflict

Daltún Ó Ceallaigh


The Contributors

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Copyright © The Republic and the contributors, 2001

The second issue of The Republic looked at republicanism as a body of ideas about politics and society. The articles include an overview of republican thinking from its earliest roots up to the present; several essays on different periods in the development of republican thinking in Ireland; and articles from the perspective of the English, French and US experience of republicanism.

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