Issue 3, July 2003

Culture in the Republic, Part One



Culture in the Constitution of a Republic

Philip Petit

The Cultural Foundations of a Republican Polity: Culture as Communication

Gerard Delanty

An Poblachtánachas Cultúir (Mar Réiteach ar Fhadhbanna an Domhain)

Alan Titley

Science, Culture and Public Affairs

Brian Trench

Free Speech, the Common Good and the Rights Debate

Ivana Bacik

A Sense of Place: Travellers, Representation, and Irish Culture

Paul Delaney

Republicanism and Childhood in Twentieth-Century Ireland

Mary Shine Thompson

'Our songs are our laws ...'—Music and the Republic (Part 1)

Patrick Zuk


The Public Thing: A Materialist View

D. R. O'Connor Lysaght


The Contributors

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Copyright © The Republic and the contributors, 2003

The third issue of The Republic looked at where culture meets the republic and the questions and possibilities this intersection gives rise to. Several articles address the role of culture in a republic, while others deal with particular aspects of the culture of a republic, such as freedom of speech, science, music, and minorities.

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